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Pregnancy statistics show a link between teenage pregnancy and religion. Despite the fact that many religions encourage abstinence and saying no to premarital

Dropout Reduction: Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery Overview. The following links provide some basic information to describe the high college dropout problem in

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Get high college dropout facts and statistics and learn why dropping out of high college can have negative affects on a person’s life. Find high college dropout

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Facts, info, and stats on teen and violent teens. Teen statistics on teen bullying, college , gang activity, suicide. Stats on consequences

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The United States Government collects and reports on public health information. Click to read more about teen drug facts and teenage alcohol use statistics.

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Information on instructional development, service learning and at-risk intervention.

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Why Students Drop Out. Even though college completion rates have continually grown during much of past 100 years, dropping out of college persists as a problem that

Dropout prevention and intervention. NOTE :: Various file formats are used on this page that may require download.

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Statistics on Teen Pregnancy • Nearly 750,000 teens became pregnant in the United States in 2002. This resulted in approximately 425,000 births, 215,000 abortions

High college Dropout Statistics (US) Total number of high college dropouts annually 3,030,000 Number of high college students who drop out each day 8,300 Percent of

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